9 Tips & Tricks for a Bachelorette in Orlando

Some Bachelorette parties take it to the coast, some go to the mountains, or some even take it to the park! Our beautiful, now married, bride had the desire to spend a weekend in Orlando, FL – hopping between Disney World and Universal Studios. From packing and flights to dining and parks, I’ve put together some tips and tricks to get the most out of a quick trip to the most magical place on Earth.

TIP: PACK LUNCH/WATER/SNACKS – The parks have no qualms with you bringing in your own food and waters! This is a huge money and time saver. I packed protein filled choices like granola bars, jerky, and protein cookies. We took it to our younger days and made PB & J’s for lunch too! Don’t forget comfortable shoes or a change of shoes. I also found it helpful to have a headband on hand due to water rides!



TRICK: FLY SOUTHWEST – I’m no frequent flyer but as my first time on Southwest, I’m raving about it! We were concerned about getting seats together on the flight so we bought our tickets together thinking we would be seated together but soon realized that seats are not assigned. At first, I was not too sure about this feature but upon setting an alarm to check-in 24 hours before the flight. This feature put us “in line” together and we were able to pick our seats once we boarded the plane. First AND second bags fly free?!?! It sealed the deal!

TIP: BUY TICKETS IN ADVANCE – I’ll admit that our group did not get it together in time to buy ahead of time but at our first stop, Universal, we opted for the Express Pass. It was only about $30 more and well worth it (more in the next Tip!). We flew in on a Wednesday evening and hit the ground running on Thursday morning. If possible, try to avoid some of the crowds by going on weekdays. This worked out in our favor!

TIP: EXPRESS PASS – First stop, Universal Studios! We are all Harry Potter lovers (who isn’t?!) and knew we wanted to get to the Islands of Adventure to explore The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I recommend purchasing the Express Pass because we only waited over 5 minutes ONCE! And it just so happen to be for the Dragon Challenge which is on the top of most guests’ lists. Running past other guests in line felt like cheating but it was one of the most exciting moments, realizing we wouldn’t have to wait for hours and could even ride each ride as. many. times. as. we. wanted. Well worth the extra money! Disney tickets come with Fast Pass capabilities so all you have to do is select the time you’d like to reserve your spot in line at all your favorite rides.



TRICK: DISNEY HAS WIFI! – I haven’t made the jump to unlimited data so this was a pleasant surprise to find out while standing in the Starbucks at Magic Kingdom!

TIP: RAISE YOUR PARTY FLAG – Let them know you are celebrating! Even though they only gave us pins, characters played along with us and other park-goers congratulated the bride! We may be in our twenties but it was so much fun acting like kids, dancing in the rain parade, and meeting our favorite Disney Princesses.


TRICK: STAY LATE – If you can make it all day, stay. You won’t be disappointed! Better yet, you are allowed to leave the park and re-enter the same park on the same day. So you could go back to your rooms, freshen up, rest up, and get back in time for a few more rides before the fireworks and light show begin at 9:00PM.



TIP turned TRICK: RESERVATIONS – We all know that it’s best to make reservations when possible, especially with a group. Since we were in Florida, on a Bachelorette, we had to get close to the water for our last dinner. The odds were ever in our favor… I called at lunch to make reservations at The Boathouse in Disney Springs (previously Downtown Disney) and when we arrived they asked if we would be okay sitting close to the music… sure!… That actually lead to us being seated INSIDE a boat that had been converted into a booth! It was so cool, so much so that other guests asked to take our pictures and asking how we got this table (insert sassy girl emoji)!

TIP: MAKE TIME TO RELAX – Universal. Done. Disney. Done.  Now it’s time to relax before the flight home. We opted for a long weekend and jumped right into the parks on Thursday so we could relax on Saturday (which is a busier day at the parks) by the pool. We all felt so relaxed and accomplished with all we got done in our weekend!

Besides a few hiccups at the airport headed home, we had a fun-filled weekend prancing around Disney and Universal! This adorable bride is now married and on her honeymoon! YAY! I was honored to play the role of coordinator and calligrapher in their big day so expect to see all the beauty coming to the blog soon!

What are some of your favorite places to go for a girls weekend? I’d also love to here what some of your favorite parts of Disney are!

xo, MJ


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