Top 4 Candles To Fill Your Home

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/ Candlefish / Voluspa / Capri Blue / Bath & Body Works

I’m a sucker for candles. No doubt about it. The ones on sale at TJ Maxx, the always available budget-friendly at Wal-Mart, some locally created downtown, and my favorites scattered around Anthropologie! I love finding new candles. There are many more than just four candles that I love but these are the brands that I keep on repeat in my home.

Voluspa: They always have beautiful containers in many different sizes. Perfect for a small or large gift as a housewarming present or as a thank you! My favorite scent is French Cade & Lavender but Baltic Amber comes in at a close second. All of their candles have the ability to fill the room yet are not overpowering.

Candlefish: I first fell for this up-and-coming, Charleston-made company during my girl’s trip last summer (see here). The store is incredible and looks like something out of Hogwart’s Alley with their library of glass-encased candles that line the walls, floor to ceiling with only numbers to tell them apart. It may seem overwhelming but the people that work there are ready to amaze you with the perfect candle after gathering a few of your favorite scents. I learned that I tend to lean towards anything with cashmere, amber, or cedar wood. If you’re like me check out: No. 22, 52, 54, and 71. And if you have the time for a visit or planning a trip, check out their Candle Making Classes (BYOB!) and you’ll walk away with TWO 9oz candles!

P.S. They’re also have classes at their shop in Atlanta!

Capri Blue: The trustworthy scent “Volcano” is a combination of tropical fruits and sugared citrus to make for a warm welcome! In recent months, I’ve found they too have variations of glass containers to match your personal style and decor.

Bath & Body Works: Always convenient and known for rotating sales on all their products. This spring I’ve got Jasmine Waters ready to fill my living room. I appreciate that they have multiple colored glass options with or without labels for displaying in your home. This allows the conversation to begin when friends can’t get enough of the fragrance. Mahogany Teakwood and Peach Bellini are two more favorites that I recommend!

I guess you could say candles are a love language of mine and I can never get enough of them! What are some of your favorite candles? Please share so I can add to my collection and maybe find a new favorite!

xo, MJ

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